arrowexpress is a national and international courier, express and freight service provider, radiate towars day to day needs of the modern market, Efficiency, responsible and personalized customer care with we gather towards a serious and lasting relationship with our customers always.

24/7 Support

24 hour personalized service is what you can expect from us. Our customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; to help all your needs in International Express & Freight, e-commerce and Domestic Courier every day every time and always.

Ship Now

Ready to Ship? Let's start the conversation. Contact us today and speak to our customer service representative or email us. arrowexpress is always on hand to meet your shipping needs while providing extraordinary service to your each and every shipment.

Personal Attention

Big or small every shipment you ship with us, we are with you until gets delivered.

Whether you need a walker, bike courier, van courier?
Our experienced shipping professionals will get your items safely and reliably across across the country and across the world.

We are around the globe
Find your nearest location


Fuel SurCharge

Fuel SurCharge is extra fee that trucking companies charge to cover the fluctuation


Prohibited Items

Most logistic compames have a list of items considered restricted or prohibited to ship



Mostly required documents in your shipping



Sri Lanka Holidays in 2020 we do import clearance everyday


Weight Calculation

How volumetric weight calculated? in the courier



Formula is a fact or rule users maths symbols. Usually signs for values



There is a whole lot of th ings you ship with us. also there are several items that


Shipper's Guide

When organizing Export overseas with us, arrowexpress. You to have this

While we deliver to the world; import world to your world

Humanity First because of us understand you.

arrowexpress always take care of your business, and treat them as our own. Always we believe in patrons because you strength us go to extra miles.

We make shipping possible and safe. Taste the difference in shipping with us. Just name it we do it.

With decades of experience we are competitive especially in pricing and always where you worry about service.

We obligate to safe the trust we have already build. We know how far we sacrificed to build that trust in you. Believing fine wine grows on vines.

Handling your shipments, Is a pride you have given us. Trust much we keep you satisfied in your shipping; you encourage us to go another mile always.

Most logistic companies have a list of items considered restricted or prohibited to ship. Restricted products can still be shipped under certain conditions.

Our Partners in Progress

Contact us now to get quote for all your global shipping needs.

All your Local Pickup Requests Call Us:   +9471 422 411 5
International Pickup requests write Us:   arrowexpress@sltnet.lk

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