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Your happiness always. We understand it entirely, it shows in the way we interact with you ensure till the last to complete customer satisfaction.


And direct response to the needs of yours always. If you need something that you can’t achieve elsewhere, you will find us happy to engage with you to achieve your wish.


Always been our first priority, and we have never compromised in this respect. This is true value of us we believe.

Cost Effective

We never bargain quality service for money, but we do recognize the need to be a financially viable alternative.

Make Things Easy

Our online services are truly outstanding, and put you firmly in control of your export and shipping operation. Create your own management reports and monitor your own shipping trends with the tools that we provide.

Make people understand our business style.

We remain as committed today to traditional values like real customer service, both online and over the telephone. We embrace technology but we also recognize that communicating directly with our clients is one of the cornerstones of our success.
Be with you always…………..
Call us on 0094 114 311 988 ( Around the clock 0094 71 422 411 5 from any part of the world)

All your Local Pickup Requests Call Us:   +9471 422 411 5
International Pickup requests write Us:   arrowexpress@sltnet.lk