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Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending to Sri Lanka

There is a whole lot of things you can ship with arrowexpress , also there are several items that we can’t carry.

Before you pack your shipment to Sri Lanka you should be sure that everything in it is allowed into the country.

When shipping in to here, Sri Lanka has few prohibitions. Items such as drugs and pornography are covered by regulations. Sri Lanka is a multi-religion country of Buddhists Christians Tamils and Muslims. So any anti-religious materials are strictly restricted entering/ importing to Sri Lanka.

If you require to send medicines to Sri Lanka, they must be for personal use only with their original packing, and be accompanied by prescription from a doctor (with rubber stamp on prescription).

If you want to double check that your goods are not banned send to Sri Lanka, you are welcome to contact Sri Lankan customs authorities before book your courier shipment with our agents worldwide.

Sri Lanka Customs telephone number: +94 112143434

Web Site

Mailing Address:

Director General of Customs,

Customs House,

No: 40, Main Street,

Colombo 11,

Sri Lanka.

Hassel free import clearance type/ write HS CODE of your description/s on arrowexpress Airway Bill.

Further clarifications call us on +9471 422 411 5

Return shipments Freight & Dues

  • Shipper/sender will be completely liable for any charges for clearance/import duty/taxes/warehouse charges ect at destination if consignee refuse to pay such charges to us. All charges and dues at final destination including DDP charges will be paid by shipper/sender if Receiver/consignee dose not pay.
  • Non delivered shipments at final destination with any reason will be auto return to Origin or destroyed without any prior notice. Return freight & destroy charges will be payable by actual Shipper/sender as per tariff with all dues.

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