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07 Nov 2013

Santiago Chile - Public Workers strike

04 Nov 2013

France-National Day

Local News

Prince Charles arrived (14,2013) in Sri Lanka at the Bandar


  • International

    Everything that you ship with ARROWEXPRESS are trackable on-line, with monitored transit times. we do not stick our schedules to certain airlines, so we use all the airlines arrive in Sri Lanka. This, help us not to delay your goods by passing through sorting hubs, allow us to deliver in 220 worldwide destinations arround the world with more speed than any other courier service provider.

  • Domestic

    • Personalized local delivery (medicine/ business statements / legal documents ect ) in Colombo city limits/ Greater Colombo.
    • Islandwide domestic courier.
    • Specialized in On time Gift delivery.

  • Same day Delivery

    Same-day door to door courier services for documents and parcels in Colombo / Greater Colombo city limits using motorcycles, vehicles with full tracking facilities and immediate proof of delivery. Click here to get a quote.

  • Blanket Wrap

    Your freight is delicate. That's why we undergo extensive training in blanket wrap services to provide extra surface and detail protection for your fragile goods. We strive to ensure that your shipment is delivered as pristine as it was when it left your facility every time.

    We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest claims percentages in the industry, so you can feel confident that your freight won't be damaged during the shipping process. ARROWEXPRESS blanket wrap services eliminate the hassle and worry of submitting a claim Request a Quote or Contact us today!

  • Air Freight

    When you say your shipment is urgent, you mean it. That's why ARROWEXPRESS has been an expert in expedited air freight services.

    We've staked our reputation on building relationships with carriers, making sure that your shipment moves as immediately and as directly as possible to customized for your business needs. Request a Quote or Contact us

  • Sea Freight

    Ocean services is just the beginning of what ARROWEXPRESS can offer your organization. Our multi-modal transportation and managed logistics services extend to every corner of the globe, making international shipping a turnkey solution.

  • Information

    • Web Tracking
    • Shipment History
    • Specialized in On time Gift delivery.
    • POD Reports to your mobile (on request)
    • Track records of all the shipments you have shipped with us
      in past 12years

  • Pickup Request

    Let us know the complite details of your
    shipper Request a Quote or Contact us