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07 Nov 2013

Santiago Chile - Public Workers strike

04 Nov 2013

France-National Day

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Prince Charles arrived (14,2013) in Sri Lanka at the Bandar

Packaging Products

  • Customised packaging

    ARROWEXPRESS can provide you with tailor made sizes or styles of a wide range of packaging products, including boxes, bags, satchels and mailers. Choose from plain packaging to meet your specific requirements.

  • Mailers

    ARROWEXPRESS Mailers are made from heavy duty, flat cardboard with a peel and seal flap. Ideal for protecting your valuable documents, photograph proofs, artwork or film. CD / DVD mailers are also available in various sizes to suit one or more disks. glases/statues/ceramic & all kind of gift items to your loved ones in any part of the world Contact Us

  • Boxes

    ARROWEXPRESS Boxes are easy to assemble and are made of strong but lightweight corrugated fibreboard. Ideal for items that are hard to wrap or require extra protection.

  • Accessories

    ARROWEXPRESS Bubble wrap is available in various widths, lengths and bubble size for extra cushioning protection. Tear and puncture resistant, bubble wrap is ideal for any application. Packaging tape is available in clear or brown

    At ARROWEXPRESS, we construct our own solid hardwood crates utilizing the finest materials available. We use treated wood that is compliant with international shipping rules and regulations. Our custom fabricated crates are designed based on the fragility of each item, its weight, dimensions, value, and final destination. we utilize double and triple wall corrugated crates designed for the specialty in the freight industry. Contact Us All corrugated crates are shrink-wrapped, weather resistant and strapped to a pallet for safe transport. Our goal is to provide expert packing and custom crating to fit everyone's budget without compromising the integrity of the items. ARROWEXPRESS has pledged an ongoing commitment to being environmentally responsible by recycling and source reduction. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce packaging, limit waste and use recycled materials whenever available. ARROWEXPRESS Call your trusted packaging professional.

  • Delivery time frame

    Delivery turn-around can take between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the packaging Using the finest materials available coupled with our creative crating techniques is the cornerstone of our business. Our nationwide network of packing and crating providers allows ARROWEXPRESS the unique ability to offer our clients pick up, pack, and crating services. We ship daily tothe U.S. A as well as internationally, with expertise in hard to reach destinations. Our mission is to ship your valuables with the same care and attention as we would our own, ensuring that they get to their destination safe, secure, and on time.

    Advice and tips on packaging as a way to delight your customers and stand out from competitors. We help you to select the best packaging option for your business.

  • Want to know more?

    To find out more about customised packaging and how it can help your business, simply provide your details in the
    online quote request form and ARROWEXPRESS will be in contact with you.
    Alternatively you can call on our Hot Line +94 777 310457 for more details.